Live Meditations

Live Meditations

Live Meditations in The Yoga Potluck

Live Meditations
  • Live Movement + Meditation 10/15/23

    Live Movement + Meditation 10/15/23

    We start with some simple, gentle stretches then shift into seated meditation beginning with a body scan and focus on breath and connection to past suffering and joy. The only constant is change and when something is changing, there is always POTENTIAL. Even ...

  • Live Meditation + Movement 9/17/23

    Mellow movement and stretch before a guided meditation on the 5 Layers of Being or the Pancha Koshas to support your capacity for focus (DHARANA) and presence.

    Audio only:

    0:00-5:00 - Greetings and context
    5:00-25:00 - Mellow mov...

  • Live Meditation 8/20/23

    Live Meditation 8/20/23 - Karuna / Compassion

    A guided meditation to evoke compassion and a sincere wish for yourself and others to be free of any pain, hurt and sorrow.

    0:00-10:00 - Greeting and context for meditation
    10:00-35:00 - Meditation
    35:00-End - Soul Circle

    Audio only meditation with...

  • Live Meditation 7/23/23

    Live Meditation 7/23/23 - July focus is on Energy Management - a visualization-based guided meditation that takes you on a journey to support your ability to manage your life force (including energy and time) in alignment with your values and your best life.

    Audio only:

  • Live Meditation 6/18/23

    For our June 2023 focus of BLOOM, we explore a chakra-based visualization meditation, with a focus on each individual chakra and it's qualities as well as a energy movement meditation culminating in the thousand-petaled lotus of your crown in full bloom.

    Explore which chakras you felt it was ea...

  • Live Meditation 5/28/23

    To wrap up this month's theme of Roots + Grounding, a combination asana, breathwork and meditation session focused on what supports you in aligning with your true Self, your truth and your gifts.

    Audio only:

    Time stamps:


  • Live Meditation 4/30/23

    Live Meditation 4/30/23 on April's focus on perseverance or tapas. Combines breathwork and inner flame visualization to re-ignite and burn off.

    Audio only:

    Time stamps:
    0:00 gentle stretching
    1:30 prep + context

  • Live Meditation 3/26/23

    Live Meditation 3/26/23 with Gina on March 2023 theme Self-Compassion - includes a few minutes of mindful movement, a couple minutes of breathwork and a guided meditation on self-compassion and loving kindness.

    Downloadable audio only file of just the meditation:

  • Live Meditation 1/29/23

    A pranayama (breathwork) based meditation with 2 simple prana chants.

    Welcome, context + teaching 0:00-5:00
    Options + instructions 5:00-11:00
    Meditation 1 11:00-19:00
    Meditation 2 23:00-29:00
    Community Soul Circle 29:00 - End

    Audio only (MP3):

  • Live Meditation 12/18/22

    Live Meditation - December 2022 - REFLECTION

    0:00 Greetings & Teachings
    16:50 Meditation begins
    37:00 Community time & sharing

    Audio only:

    Over time, we cumulatively learn more about our mind’s patterns and tendencies AND gain ...

  • Live Meditation 11/27/22

    Live Meditation 11/27/22 on SANTOSHA, contentment, accepting what arises without resistance.

    0:00 - 5:50 Intro and context
    5:50 - 19:40 Meditation
    19:40 - end Sharing and insights


  • Live Meditation 10/30/22 - Yoga Nidra from Bali

    Live Meditation 10/30/22 - Yoga Nidra for Working With Fear. In this special edition Yoga Nidra, we apply the power of a nidra practice to working skillfully with feelings of fear, however they may manifest themselves and in remembering the power of our courageous, loving hearts.

    The actual medi...

  • Live Meditation 9/25/22

    Live Meditation 9/25/22 - Harvest - A yoga nidra inspired guided harvest reflection followed by a few minutes of silent sitting for you to make it your own.

  • Live Meditation - Yoga Nidra - 8/28/22

    Live Meditation - Yoga Nidra - 8/28/22 - a Nature focused guided meditation to sink a sankalpa deep within your consciousness.

  • Live Meditation 7/24/22

    Live Meditation 7/24/22 Interdependence - includes a short talk on how meditation works and how it helps in practical terms. Followed by a sweet meditation rooted in nature and interdependence.

  • Live Meditation 5/29/22

    Live meditation on growth, our mindfulness theme for May 2022, and embracing the opportunities the Universe is offering

  • Live Meditation 4/17/22

    Live Meditation with Acceptance Affirmations and a Mantra:

    I accept that all situations help to empower me, inspire me and give me direction and purpose.

    I accept the small joys and opportunities for joy woven throughout my life.

    I accept that which I cannot change and believe in myself to tak...

  • Live Meditation 3/27/22

    April 2022 Live Meditation on Creativity - Inspired by Yoga Nidra, this is a guided visualization to support your own re-emergence.

  • Live Meditation 2/27/22

    Live Meditation 2/27/22 on February 2022 Theme: Self-Love

    The pre-meditation chat intends to provide an alternate perspective for Self-Love, one that is informed by the teachings of yoga, specifically the KOSHAS, and provide what might be a clearer pathway to Self-Love which enables a broader ca...

  • Live Meditation 1/30/22

    Live Meditation - Gentle stretching followed by a guided Tonglen meditation to awaken our compassion and seva, selfless service - followed by a great chat about our experiences

  • Live Meditation 12/19/21 - Balance

    Live Meditation 12/19/21 - simple stretching, basic breathwork, mindful meditation and community time!

  • Live Meditation 11/28/21

    Live Meditation 11/28/21 - Gratitude meditation, both giving and receiving

  • Live Meditation - 10/24/21

    Live Meditation - 10/24/21 on CONNECTION

  • Live Meditation - 9/19/21 Courage

    Live Meditation - 9/19/21 Courage - A heart-centered, anahata chakra focused meditation on courage! Guided with visualization. Followed by a mini-satsang!