60+ Minutes

60+ Minutes

60+ minute home practices for when you've carved out time to really indulge and go deep.

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60+ Minutes
  • Live Asana 2/12/23

    Live Asana 2/12/23 - Ritual practice with a quiet opening, a cycle of Namaskars with prostrations, a little spicy core, standing poses and a quiet finish with hip forward bends and a gentle inversion with options.

  • Live Asana 12/11/22

    Live Asana 12/11/22 - Reflection or Svadhyaya - A SolaLuna practice that is both spicy and sweet. It intends to support the strength and courage needed for self-reflection as well as the receptivity and ease to foster growth. Twists, turning inward, hamstring and hip flexor stretches galore.

  • Live Asana 10/8/22 - From Bali!

    Live Asana 10/8/22 - From Bali! A grounding, reverential practice to reflect the beauty of this land and these beautiful people.

  • BONUS Live Asana - 9/22/22

    BONUS Live Asana - 9/22/22 - Autumnal Equinox - A SolaLuna practice to celebrate both the light and the darkness, the union (yoga) of polarities and the power of both!

  • Live Asana 8/7/22

    Live Asana 8/7/22 - Wholeness - Solaluna practice

  • Live Asana 6/5/22

    Live Asana 6/5/22 - Our June 2022 Mindfulness Theme is NOURISHMENT. We focus on how we nourish ourselves on the levels of body, mind and spirit and this practice aims to support all 3. Enjoy!

  • Live Asana - 1/16/22

    Live Asana practice with focus on slow strength & power for resilience

  • 2022 Live Yoga Mala Benefit

    Both a reverential practice of 108 Sun Salutations to activate the New Year and a benefit class where all proceeds to go the Boulder Community Foundation to support those impacted by the Marshall Fire on 12/30/21.

    If you are wanting to make a donation to the same organization I am, you can do so...

  • HIPnotic

    HIPnotic is one of my signature hip-centric practices and I absolutely LOVE teaching it.

    Your “hip muscles” are actually quite diverse and as a very mobile ball-and-socket joint (second only to your shoulder!), it’s important to acknowledge all the muscles that act on the joint, not just the one...

  • Live Asana - 3/14/21 - Slow Flow For Your Mojo

    Live Asana - 3/14/21 - Slow Flow For Your Mojo. One year after the official "start" of the pandemic, honoring what you've worked with and how you've showed up. Proud to be your friend.

  • Live Asana - 2/7/21 - Co-Creating The Extraordinary

    Live Asana - 2/7/21 - Co-Creating The Extraordinary, Hips, Strength, Balance

    This was Superbowl Sunday so there are a couple nods to the shapes of American Football in here!

    Intro and context runs to the 7 minute mark if you'd prefer to skip and dive right in!

  • Live Asana - 1/10/21 - Grounding & Centering - Earth & Embers

    Live Asana - 1/10/21 - Grounding & Centering - Earth & Embers

    Downward energy to ground, inward energy to center and a tempo to support that.

    Technical difficulties means the recording quality is lower than usual on this one, just FYI, thanks for your understanding!

  • Live Asana - 12/22/20 - Bonus Holiday Practice!

    Live Asana - 12/22/20 - Bonus Holiday Practice!

  • Live Asana - 12/06/20 - Lightness of Being

    Our Live Asana Practice from Sunday 12/6/20 focused on heart opening.

    Practice begins 5 minutes in after a welcome and intro to the inspiration for the practice.

  • Live Asana - 11/08/20 - Reground, regroup, reinhabit, restore

    Live Asana practice after a very full week emphasizes getting back into your body and the present. A space to ventilate your feelings, churn them through, discharge build up and come back home to yourself.

  • Live Asana Practice - 10/10/20 Nervous System Balance

    Inspired by the GAS/BRAKES of your autonomic nervous system, we apply the gas pedal and then coast towards savasana. Ends with some toning pranayama!

  • Live Asana Practice - 09/09/20 - Soul Flow

    A slow-flow Lunar practice for the Last Quarter Moon that emphasizes RELEASING and letting go,

  • Live Practice 8/22/20

    Our August monthly live practice was an Elemental Vinyasa practice called Earth Below Me, Sky Above Me, Fire Within Me and traversed the elements of Earth, Fire and Air before heading back to Earth again for a sweet finish.

    We missed all who couldn't attend and held space for you!

    Please note t...

  • SolaLuna ~ Balanced Energy

    This is one of my favorite types of practices - I call it SolaLuna to reflect that it is equal parts Solar or dynamic energy and Lunar or receptive energy. It's an embodied experience of the union of polarities or seemingly opposite energies.

    We build to a strong crescendo with standing, core an...