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Watch this video and more on Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck

Watch this video and more on Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck


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Live Satsang 2/21/21

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  • Live Asana - 2/7/21 - Co-Creating The...

    Live Asana - 2/7/21 - Co-Creating The Extraordinary, Hips, Strength, Balance

    This was Superbowl Sunday so there are a couple nods to the shapes of American Football in here!

    Intro and context runs to the 7 minute mark if you'd prefer to skip and dive right in!

  • Live Meditation 1/24/21

    LIVE Meditation from 1/24/21 - the intro is about creating new habits (like a regular meditation practice, for example) requires we connect the habit to our values rather than try with just some feeling we "should" do it. And second, that meditation gives us the opportunity to disrupt or interrup...

  • Live Asana - 1/10/21 - Grounding & Ce...

    Live Asana - 1/10/21 - Grounding & Centering - Earth & Embers

    Downward energy to ground, inward energy to center and a tempo to support that.

    Technical difficulties means the recording quality is lower than usual on this one, just FYI, thanks for your understanding!