Live Practices

Live Practices

An archive of our monthly live practices on Zoom

Live Practices
  • Live Satsang 1/23/22

    Live Satsang - Theme of the month Jan 2022 is SEVA or selfless service. We discuss what it is, differences between service and selfless service, karma, ego (ahamkara), attachment/aversion (raga/dvesha), and harming/non-harming (himsa/ahimsa). Also discernment, boundaries and resonance!

  • Live Asana - 1/16/22

    Live Asana practice with focus on slow strength & power for resilience

  • 2022 Live Yoga Mala Benefit

    Both a reverential practice of 108 Sun Salutations to activate the New Year and a benefit class where all proceeds to go the Boulder Community Foundation to support those impacted by the Marshall Fire on 12/30/21.

    If you are wanting to make a donation to the same organization I am, you can do so...

  • Live Asana - Winter Solstice 2021

    Live Asana - Winter Solstice 2021 - Downtempo but still luminous. Hip openers that celebrate your inner light.

  • Live Meditation 12/19/21 - Balance

    Live Meditation 12/19/21 - simple stretching, basic breathwork, mindful meditation and community time!

  • Live Satsang 12/12/21 - Balance

    Live Satsang 12/12/21 - Balance - Where it shows up in Yoga Philosophy, the yogic practices (and related) to find it and a self-assessment practice that starts at 29:00!

    Work >>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<< Play
    Activity >>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<< Rest
    People Time >>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<< Solo Time

  • Live Asana 12/05/21

    Live Asana 12/05/21 - a creative, SolaLuna practice

  • Live Meditation 11/28/21

    Live Meditation 11/28/21 - Gratitude meditation, both giving and receiving

  • Bonus Live Asana - 11/25/21

    An embodied celebration of gratitude, both giving and receiving it. Water element practice. Honoring the land, the water, the sky, all living things and the original stewards of the land we now call home.

    Starts with context for the sequencing.
    Gratitude meditation starts around 5:00.
    Asana star...

  • Live Satsang 11/21/21 - Gratitude or Kritanjna

    Gratitude is kritanja in Sanskrit - we explore the etymology of the word, what it means, how it relates to attachment/aversion, enlightenment/awakening and grace! We also have real talk about how to zoom out and feel gratitude especially when things are challenging your ability to feel it. "I'm f...

  • Live Asana 11/14/21

    Gratitude Flow - Heart openers and front-of-hip openers in celebration of the moments that move us and that change us. We commit to staying open to those moments and the beauty of the world, we are grateful for how the Universe is always giving us opportunities that enrich our lives.

    If you've a...

  • Live Meditation - 10/24/21

    Live Meditation - 10/24/21 on CONNECTION

  • Live Satsang - 10/17/21

    Live Satsang - 10/27/21 - CONNECTION. In today's Satsang I talk about the roots of connection and barriers to connection from the yogic perspective

  • Live Asana 10/10/21 ~ Natural Mystic

    Live Asana 10/10/21 ~ Natural Mystic - World Mental Health Day felt like the perfect day to celebrate integration so we integrated our whole selves through the lens of the natural elements and an embodied exploration of the energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space!

  • Live Asana - 9/22/21 - Fall Equinox (BONUS)

    Live Asana - 9/22/21 - Fall Equinox (BONUS)
    A ritual practice of mandalas in honor of our wholeness and the presence of both light and shadow within us. A practice of gratitude for what this life and people in it have taught us.

  • Live Meditation - 9/19/21 Courage

    Live Meditation - 9/19/21 Courage - A heart-centered, anahata chakra focused meditation on courage! Guided with visualization. Followed by a mini-satsang!

  • Live Satsang 9/12/21

    Live Satsang 9/12/21 - Courage

    Courage etymology:
    French root of coeur or heart
    Sankrit śaurya pronounced "shaurya" shares the same root as Surya or sun

    The sun is the heart of the solar system
    Your heart is the sun of your embodied system
    Your heart = the sun ❤️☀️

    What are some words that rel...

  • Live Asana - 9/5/21 - PLAYbor Day Weekend Practice

    A playful attitude towards effort goes a long way. Fun peak pose and a classically sequenced Integrated Vinyasa Practice! 10 minute context and intro - movement practice begins around the 10:00 mark!

  • Live Meditation 8/29/21

    Live Meditation on PASSION and what makes you come alive and fully inhabit your humanity

  • Live Satsang 8/15/21

    Live Satsang 8/15/21 - One of the best satsangs yet. We're talking passion, grief and impermanence.

    In these bodies we will live, in these bodies, we will die
    Where you invest your love, you invest your life
    ~ Mumford & Sons

    Also, google "Sand Mandala"

  • Live Asana - 8/8/21 - Embodiment of Passion

    A water element flow with focus on the embodiment of your passionate joy, heart and side openers

  • Live Meditation 7/25/21

    Guided meditation on self-love and awareness with affirmations

  • Live Satsang 7/18/21 - Impermanence/Attachment/Aversion/Liberation

    Explore impermanence, its significance, the suffering that comes from attachment and aversion to that which is ever-changing, unstable and unreliable. Understand how the presence of suffering can be the first sign of attachment/aversion which activates the process of contemplating what's really g...

  • Live Asana - 7/11/21 - Earth & Water Energies for Cooling

    Live Asana - 7/11/21 - Earth & Water Energies for Cooling - Hip Openers in all 4 quadrants. Plus special guest, my brother Louis Caputo!