These home practices are inspired by your requests and Gina's sense of what would sustain you and restore balance right now. They vary in duration, vibe and area of focus.

  • Live Meditation 6/23/24 - Virya ~ Vigor ~ Inner Warrior

    A short, gentle movement practice sets the stage for acknowledging and caring for your inner warrior. We explore two ways we express our warrior vigor - in crisis and in personal evolution. Our warrior is always within, but not an unlimited resource. Self-care, discernment and boundaries are esse...

  • Quickfire

    Quickfire is a short and spicy little practice to elevate your mood and invigorate you! Nothing too crazy, just jumps right in when you don't have much time and want a boost!

  • Live Asana 6/15/24 ~ Virya ~ Vigor ~ Inner Warrior

    Live Asana 6/15/24 ~ Virya ~ Vigor + Inner Warrior

    This practice opens with my Thoracic Freedom flow to stoke the heart fire, then goes into the Agile Warrior sequence I've been doing, some seated breathwork bookend a sequence of warrior poses followed by hip openers and rest!

  • Live Satsang 6/9/24 - Virya ~ Vigor ~ Inner Warrior

    Tap into your vigor to face the challenges of life with intention and empowerment. This Satsang was LIT. Give it a listen and explore what is calling for your vigor to rise up right now.

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  • Heavenly Hips

    Whether it’s caused by our stress holding patterns, activities or good ole aging, sometimes our hips feel tight and creaky, especially that elusive outer hip including your gluteus medius, minimus, tensor fascia lata and IT band.

    In this practice we’ll take a slow journey into some much needed s...

  • Freebird

    Freedom requires that we break loose of the bonds that hold us down.

    For many of us, it’s negative self-perception that keeps us restrained from recognizing our actual potential.

    This class challenges you to tap into the courage to believe you’re capable of more than you’ve let yourself believe...

  • Surrender

    Some days we just need to surrender the cognitive and emotional load we’re carrying and this practice can help.

    It’s a short Yin style practice that emphasizes nervous system downregulation, breath awareness and dropping into a state of calm.

    You will need either a bolster or a rolled up blanke...

  • Heart's Desire

    This is a shoulder and chest focused practice with the intention of not only stretching and strengthening these parts of your body but also cultivating the energies of courage and open-heartedness.

    Through shoulder mobility, chest expansion, core fortification and a final backbend, we’ll leave f...