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Watch this video and more on Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck

Watch this video and more on Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck


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Live Satsang 4/10/22

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  • Yoga For Self-Love

    Self-love is sometimes elusive, even amongst those of us that freely show others love, compassion and kindness. It’s a constant work in progress.

    This practice aims to enhance your awareness of the power of your heart and a feeling of warmth for yourself through movement, breathwork and affirmat...

  • Yoga For After Sitting

    Whether its work from home or at the office, long hours in the car or unbearably long plane rides, it is so nice to have a yoga practice on hand for after long periods of sitting.

    This practice focuses on chest, shoulders, core and hips to open you back up and restore some balance to your body a...

  • Live Satsang 1/23/22

    Live Satsang - Theme of the month Jan 2022 is SEVA or selfless service. We discuss what it is, differences between service and selfless service, karma, ego (ahamkara), attachment/aversion (raga/dvesha), and harming/non-harming (himsa/ahimsa). Also discernment, boundaries and resonance!