Live Satsang Soul Circles

Live Satsang Soul Circles

Live Satsang Soul Circles in The Yoga Potluck

Live Satsang Soul Circles
  • Live Satsang 10/29/23

    November 2023 Satsang + Soul Circle on our monthly focus: Gratitude or Kritanja

    What is the spiritual philosophy behind gratitude?
    Why purpose does gratitude actually serve?
    What is negativity bias, why do we have it and what are the risks of leaving it unchecked?
    How and when are we challenged ...

  • Live Satsang 10/01/23

    Live Satsang 10/01/23 - Impermanence - Anitya - Anicca

    Anitya in Sanskrit – Anicca in Pali

    Audio only:

    One of the kleshas, the 5 oot causes of suffering – AVIDYA – ignorance
    For example, ignorance of the connection ...

  • Live Satsang Soul Circle 9/3/23

    Live Satsang Soul Circle 9/3/23 - this month's theme is DHARANA or presence and focus.

    Audio only:

    Where focus goes, energy flows
    Where energy flows, focus goes

    Richard Freeman: “A basic axiom of yoga is that Prana and citt...

  • Live Satsang 8/6/23

    Live Satsang Soul Circle 8/6/23 on Karuna or Compassion

    A lively discussion on compassion and accessing this state of empathy with action via our relationship with OUR OWN suffering.

    Learn the 4 main ways we respond to pain/hurt/distress and the incredible power of ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - REFRAME - P...

  • Live Satsang 7/9/23

    Live Satsang 7/9/23 - Energy Management - this month we're exploring how to manage our energy (life force, prana) to support living our best lives. We discuss some steps for doing an energy audit of yourself that include:

    1) Exploring energy leaks
    2) Identifying energy vampires
    3) Prioritizing a...

  • Live Satsang Soul Circle 6/4/23

    Live Satsang Soul Circle 6/4/23 - BLOOM


    In this Satsang we explore the concept of living in BLOOM and 3 of the main impediments to showing up as your best, most authentic self and the practices and strategies to work ...

  • Live Satsang 5/7/23

    Live Satsang 5/7/23 - May Soul Circle on Roots + Grounding
    0:00-33:30 - Teaching on Roots + Grounding
    33:30-end - Potluck Soul Circle

    Audio only version:

    Function of roots in plants

    • Anchor and support
    • ...

  • Live Satsang 4/2/23

    Live Satsang 4/2/23 We explore perseverance and through the yogic lens, tapas. How to follow through for the long game with things we deeply value vs short term efforts that use mainly willpower.

    Audio-only version:

    Some prompts ...

  • Live Satsang with Gita Baliga-Savel 3/5/23

    Live Satsang 3/5/23 with Gita Baliga-Savel on March 2023 theme of SELF-COMPASSION. Includes teaching, contemplations, free writing, a guided meditation and community conversation!

    You can reach out to Gita at [email protected] or

    Two quotes Gita wanted to share:

    "A mome...

  • Live Satsang 2/5/23

    Live Satsang on our February 2023 Focus: RITUAL

    Audio only file:

    0:00-20:00 Teaching on Ritual
    20:00-52:00 Community integration and sharing
    52:00-End Invitation to engage with ritual, announcements

  • Live Satsang 1/8/23

    Live Satsang 1/8/23 - SPANDA, the vibratory quality of energy, that which propels us into creating. It is the creative pulse in the universe that is also within us.

    When we can sense the pulse of spanda within us, we are sensing our personalized spark of the omnipresent and vast primordial life ...

  • Live Satsang 12/4/22

    Live Satsang 12/4/22 - REFLECTION - Self-Study - Svadhyaya

    Audio only:

    Journal prompts:

  • Live Satsang - 11/20/22 - Santosha

    Live Satsang - 11/20/22 - Santosha - Contentment - Gratitude

    We explore how we can biohack our negativity bias with gratitude and find an acceptance of what is, even in the hard times. NOT toxic positivity or bypassing!

    AUDIO only file for those who would prefer to listen (download by clicking ...

  • Live Satsang 10/17/22 - From Bali!!

    Live Satsang 10/17/22 - From Bali!! Our focus for the month is FEAR and our relationship with it.

    Some things I mention in the Satsang:

    Fear is one of the kleshas, or root causes of suffering, according to Yoga philosophy.


    It's compounded by two other kleshas, or causes of ...

  • Live Satsang 9/18/22

    Live Satsang 9/18/22 - Contemplating our personal Harvest for 2022 so far, includes journal prompts/contemplations for you to go deep into the soil of your soul!

    Consider where you have been putting your energy and whether this has been fruitful or not?

    • What is my own personal harvest?
    • What...

  • Live Satsang - 8/17/22

    Live Satsang - 8/17/22 - WHOLENESS

    Key points and sources I referenced:

    - Wholeness is a 3 part journey: Contemplation - Action - Healing

    - Yoga Sutra 2.1 says Yoga requires the cultivation (kriya) of discipline (tapas), self-awareness (svadhyaya) and faith (isvara pranidhana) which could corr...

  • Live Satsang 7/17/22

    Live Satsang 7/17/22 - Interdependence, Avidya, Maya & Karma.

    Where are you feeling most called to explore your interdependence?

    What else?

    Where does your interdependent work lie? What feels like a good place to start?

    What ...

  • Live Satsang 6/19/22

    Live Satsang 6/19/22 - June 2022 Theme - Nourishment. We take our practice off the mat by exploring our relationship with nourishment on the physical, mental and spiritual levels through the lens of Yoga philosophy.

  • Live Satsang 5/15/22

    Our live, monthly satsang, gathering of true people! Discussing our theme of growth and how it requires abhyasa & vairagya - persistent, committed effort and total acceptance. Give a listen!

    What have you been truly, deeply committed to for quite some time? What do you value that motivates that ...

  • Live Satsang 4/10/22

    Live Satsang - ACCEPTANCE

  • Live Satsang 3/13/22

    Live Satsang 3/13/22 - Creativity from the yoga perspective, Shiva/Shakti and barriers to expression

  • Live Satsang 2/13/22

    Dr. Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the study of self-love/self-compassion studied the writings of various Buddhist teachers and determined that self-compassion consists of 3 main elements:

    1. Self-Kindness
    2. Recognition of shared humanity
    3. Mindfulness

    Questions you can ask yourself after this Sa...

  • Live Satsang 1/23/22

    Live Satsang - Theme of the month Jan 2022 is SEVA or selfless service. We discuss what it is, differences between service and selfless service, karma, ego (ahamkara), attachment/aversion (raga/dvesha), and harming/non-harming (himsa/ahimsa). Also discernment, boundaries and resonance!

  • Live Satsang 12/12/21 - Balance

    Live Satsang 12/12/21 - Balance - Where it shows up in Yoga Philosophy, the yogic practices (and related) to find it and a self-assessment practice that starts at 29:00!

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