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Watch this video and more on Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck

Watch this video and more on Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck


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  • Yoga Mala 2023

    Yoga Mala is a reverential moving meditation of 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) to initiate and stabilize the changes that often accompany a new year.

    I break the practice into meaningful rounds of intention and make an inspiring playlist to support this whole body prayer for the new cycle ...

  • Restart

    Just like a computer that can get bogged down with too many open tabs, windows and apps, so can we when we’re juggling a lot of things at once.

    And just like a computer, we also benefit from regular restarts to clear the slate so we can focus our attention where it’s truly needed most and be ful...

  • Live Satsang - 8/17/22

    Live Satsang - 8/17/22 - WHOLENESS

    Key points and sources I referenced:

    - Wholeness is a 3 part journey: Contemplation - Action - Healing

    - Yoga Sutra 2.1 says Yoga requires the cultivation (kriya) of discipline (tapas), self-awareness (svadhyaya) and faith (isvara pranidhana) which could corr...