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  • Live Meditation 11/27/22

    Live Meditation 11/27/22 on SANTOSHA, contentment, accepting what arises without resistance.

    0:00 - 5:50 Intro and context
    5:50 - 19:40 Meditation
    19:40 - end Sharing and insights


  • Live Satsang - 11/20/22 - Santosha

    Live Satsang - 11/20/22 - Santosha - Contentment - Gratitude

    We explore how we can biohack our negativity bias with gratitude and find an acceptance of what is, even in the hard times. NOT toxic positivity or bypassing!

    AUDIO only file for those who would prefer to listen (download by clicking ...

  • Live Asana from Bali 11/4/22

    Live Asana from Bali 11/4/22 - so fun to share with you a little glimpse outside my window here at Soulshine Bali. While the video quality and lighting isn't up to my usual standards in my home studio, the same love is still there! This is a crow pose class that is easily down-shifted into a hip ...

  • Live Meditation 10/30/22 - Yoga Nidra from Bali

    Live Meditation 10/30/22 - Yoga Nidra for Working With Fear. In this special edition Yoga Nidra, we apply the power of a nidra practice to working skillfully with feelings of fear, however they may manifest themselves and in remembering the power of our courageous, loving hearts.

    The actual medi...

  • Live Satsang 10/17/22 - From Bali!!

    Live Satsang 10/17/22 - From Bali!! Our focus for the month is FEAR and our relationship with it.

    Some things I mention in the Satsang:

    Fear is one of the kleshas, or root causes of suffering, according to Yoga philosophy.


    It's compounded by two other kleshas, or causes of ...

  • Live Asana 10/8/22 - From Bali!

    Live Asana 10/8/22 - From Bali! A grounding, reverential practice to reflect the beauty of this land and these beautiful people.

  • Live Meditation 9/25/22

    Live Meditation 9/25/22 - Harvest - A yoga nidra inspired guided harvest reflection followed by a few minutes of silent sitting for you to make it your own.

  • BONUS Live Asana - 9/22/22

    BONUS Live Asana - 9/22/22 - Autumnal Equinox - A SolaLuna practice to celebrate both the light and the darkness, the union (yoga) of polarities and the power of both!

  • Live Satsang 9/18/22

    Live Satsang 9/18/22 - Contemplating our personal Harvest for 2022 so far, includes journal prompts/contemplations for you to go deep into the soil of your soul!

    Consider where you have been putting your energy and whether this has been fruitful or not?

    • What is my own personal harvest?
    • What...

  • September 2022 Live Asana

    September 2022 Live Asana - HARVEST - Grounded backbends

  • Live Meditation - Yoga Nidra - 8/28/22

    Live Meditation - Yoga Nidra - 8/28/22 - a Nature focused guided meditation to sink a sankalpa deep within your consciousness.

  • Live Satsang - 8/17/22

    Live Satsang - 8/17/22 - WHOLENESS

    Key points and sources I referenced:

    - Wholeness is a 3 part journey: Contemplation - Action - Healing

    - Yoga Sutra 2.1 says Yoga requires the cultivation (kriya) of discipline (tapas), self-awareness (svadhyaya) and faith (isvara pranidhana) which could corr...

  • Live Asana 8/7/22

    Live Asana 8/7/22 - Wholeness - Solaluna practice

  • Live Meditation 7/24/22

    Live Meditation 7/24/22 Interdependence - includes a short talk on how meditation works and how it helps in practical terms. Followed by a sweet meditation rooted in nature and interdependence.

  • Live Satsang 7/17/22

    Live Satsang 7/17/22 - Interdependence, Avidya, Maya & Karma.

    Where are you feeling most called to explore your interdependence?

    What else?

    Where does your interdependent work lie? What feels like a good place to start?

    What ...

  • Live Asana 7/10/22

    A summertime flow that encourages finding more ease with the unknown!

    Some fun transitions, a little play with balance, just the right amount of spice and always grounding and steadiness!

  • Live Asana & Meditation - Summer Solstice 2022

    Live Asana & Meditation - Summer Solstice 2022 - Shine your love light! Stoke your heart's fire! This heart-centered practice and meditation will start the season off right and bright!

  • Live Satsang 6/19/22

    Live Satsang 6/19/22 - June 2022 Theme - Nourishment. We take our practice off the mat by exploring our relationship with nourishment on the physical, mental and spiritual levels through the lens of Yoga philosophy.

  • Live Asana 6/5/22

    Live Asana 6/5/22 - Our June 2022 Mindfulness Theme is NOURISHMENT. We focus on how we nourish ourselves on the levels of body, mind and spirit and this practice aims to support all 3. Enjoy!

  • Live Meditation 5/29/22

    Live meditation on growth, our mindfulness theme for May 2022, and embracing the opportunities the Universe is offering

  • Live Satsang 5/15/22

    Our live, monthly satsang, gathering of true people! Discussing our theme of growth and how it requires abhyasa & vairagya - persistent, committed effort and total acceptance. Give a listen!

    What have you been truly, deeply committed to for quite some time? What do you value that motivates that ...

  • Live Asana 5/1/22

    To embody our mindfulness theme of GROWTH this month, this steady strength practice with a focus on growth edges and flow state supports our own hatching of new ideas, creations, perspectives and manifestations of the growth we wish to experience in this one wild and precious life! Inspired by sp...

  • Live Meditation 4/17/22

    Live Meditation with Acceptance Affirmations and a Mantra:

    I accept that all situations help to empower me, inspire me and give me direction and purpose.

    I accept the small joys and opportunities for joy woven throughout my life.

    I accept that which I cannot change and believe in myself to tak...

  • Live Satsang 4/10/22

    Live Satsang - ACCEPTANCE