Our monthly live practices on Zoom archive. You will always receive an email with the Zoom details beforehand and it will also be posted on the Forum on the Board called "Live Practices"

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  • Live Asana & Meditation - Summer Solstice 2022

    Live Asana & Meditation - Summer Solstice 2022 - Shine your love light! Stoke your heart's fire! This heart-centered practice and meditation will start the season off right and bright!

  • Live Satsang 6/19/22

    Live Satsang 6/19/22 - June 2022 Theme - Nourishment. We take our practice off the mat by exploring our relationship with nourishment on the physical, mental and spiritual levels through the lens of Yoga philosophy.

  • Live Asana 6/5/22

    Live Asana 6/5/22 - Our June 2022 Mindfulness Theme is NOURISHMENT. We focus on how we nourish ourselves on the levels of body, mind and spirit and this practice aims to support all 3. Enjoy!

  • Live Meditation 5/29/22

    Live meditation on growth, our mindfulness theme for May 2022, and embracing the opportunities the Universe is offering

  • Live Satsang 5/15/22

    Our live, monthly satsang, gathering of true people! Discussing our theme of growth and how it requires abhyasa & vairagya - persistent, committed effort and total acceptance. Give a listen!

    What have you been truly, deeply committed to for quite some time? What do you value that motivates that ...

  • Live Asana 5/1/22

    To embody our mindfulness theme of GROWTH this month, this steady strength practice with a focus on growth edges and flow state supports our own hatching of new ideas, creations, perspectives and manifestations of the growth we wish to experience in this one wild and precious life! Inspired by sp...

  • Live Meditation 4/17/22

    Live Meditation with Acceptance Affirmations and a Mantra:

    I accept that all situations help to empower me, inspire me and give me direction and purpose.

    I accept the small joys and opportunities for joy woven throughout my life.

    I accept that which I cannot change and believe in myself to tak...

  • Live Satsang 4/10/22

    Live Satsang - ACCEPTANCE

  • Live Asana 4/3/22

    A spritely, Spring practice with just the right amount of fire to light you up.

  • Live Meditation 3/27/22

    April 2022 Live Meditation on Creativity - Inspired by Yoga Nidra, this is a guided visualization to support your own re-emergence.

  • Bonus Live Asana - Spring Equinox 2022

    Bonus Live Asana - Spring Equinox 2022 - heart openers and planting seeds for a new season!

  • Live Satsang 3/13/22

    Live Satsang 3/13/22 - Creativity from the yoga perspective, Shiva/Shakti and barriers to expression

  • Live Asana 3/6/22

    Live Asana 3/6/22 - March 2022 Theme - Creativity
    A creative flow with mandala namaskar and a creative peak pose - baby hopper!

  • Live Meditation 2/27/22

    Live Meditation 2/27/22 on February 2022 Theme: Self-Love

    The pre-meditation chat intends to provide an alternate perspective for Self-Love, one that is informed by the teachings of yoga, specifically the KOSHAS, and provide what might be a clearer pathway to Self-Love which enables a broader ca...

  • Live Satsang 2/13/22

    Dr. Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the study of self-love/self-compassion studied the writings of various Buddhist teachers and determined that self-compassion consists of 3 main elements:

    1. Self-Kindness
    2. Recognition of shared humanity
    3. Mindfulness

    Questions you can ask yourself after this Sa...

  • Live Asana 2/6/22

    Live Asana 2/6/22 - Februrary 2022 Theme: Self-Love - A heart-centered and creative practice. Light hearted and engaging!

  • Live Meditation 1/30/22

    Live Meditation - Gentle stretching followed by a guided Tonglen meditation to awaken our compassion and seva, selfless service - followed by a great chat about our experiences

  • Live Satsang 1/23/22

    Live Satsang - Theme of the month Jan 2022 is SEVA or selfless service. We discuss what it is, differences between service and selfless service, karma, ego (ahamkara), attachment/aversion (raga/dvesha), and harming/non-harming (himsa/ahimsa). Also discernment, boundaries and resonance!

  • Live Asana - 1/16/22

    Live Asana practice with focus on slow strength & power for resilience

  • 2022 Live Yoga Mala Benefit

    Both a reverential practice of 108 Sun Salutations to activate the New Year and a benefit class where all proceeds to go the Boulder Community Foundation to support those impacted by the Marshall Fire on 12/30/21.

    If you are wanting to make a donation to the same organization I am, you can do so...

  • Live Asana - Winter Solstice 2021

    Live Asana - Winter Solstice 2021 - Downtempo but still luminous. Hip openers that celebrate your inner light.

  • Live Meditation 12/19/21 - Balance

    Live Meditation 12/19/21 - simple stretching, basic breathwork, mindful meditation and community time!

  • Live Satsang 12/12/21 - Balance

    Live Satsang 12/12/21 - Balance - Where it shows up in Yoga Philosophy, the yogic practices (and related) to find it and a self-assessment practice that starts at 29:00!

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  • Live Asana 12/05/21

    Live Asana 12/05/21 - a creative, SolaLuna practice