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The Yoga Potluck is a membership club centered in embracing your wholeness and sharing your essential gifts and your special sauce, in community. You are each encouraged to BRING YOUR THING and come as you are. Gina curates extraordinary experiences for growth, inquiry and connection so you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

Gina Caputo's Yoga Potluck was born from a desire for authentic and more personal connection to share the dharma and the teachings of Yoga and Meditation in the accessible, practical and real way Gina is known for.

2020 asked us to rethink connection and how we keep the sutras, or threads, that connect us active and energized. The Yoga Potluck is responding to that call!

The Potluck is how Gina wants to spend her time and energy: more connection, community and practice with a committed group of friends rather than shouting into a canyon hoping to be heard above the din.

The founding member rate is $24.99/month, that breaks down to .82/day, to enrich and change your life. For the first 100 members, the founders, this rate will never change.

This is NOT just a video subscription. In addition to the online library of home practices that grows every single week, membership includes livestreamed asana and meditation practices and live Satsang and Q&As with Gina, a members-only forum we all connect on, curated monthly practice calendars, playlists, journal prompts, challenges, members-only merch, discounts and MORE.

Click the "What's Included?" button to see a full list of what to expect as a member of The Yoga Potluck Fam!

You feeling it? Does this sound like the exact place you need to be right now?

You'll be guided with love and wisdom and surrounded by people who share your passion for these trasnformative practices and a commitment to living your TRUTH.

Join me in co-creating the community we NEED right now.

COME AS YOU ARE. What's awaiting you on the other side of YES?

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